Tweetymail - The All-In-One Email Solution For Twitter

The new online application Tweety Mail , The All-in-one solution for email, if Twitter is on the homepage. Tweety Mail is an application that allows you all of what Twitter can be done through the mail, thinking of posting (including photos), receive tweets, direct messages to send and receive tweets from other users and follow plans. All this is so by mail altogether omitted could be.

What is tweetymail?

Tweetymail is a complete email interface to Twitter. It provides three powerful sets of features for interacting with Twitter via email:

* Email-based Twitter app: tweetymail allows you to use most of Twitter's features by sending a quick email. You can tweet, view your timeline, send and reply to direct messages, follow users, and more. It's just like a desktop or mobile app for Twitter - except that it works anywhere you have access to your email!
* Automatic email alerts: tweetymail provides fast and easy email alerts for Twitter. You can automatically receive mentions, create Twitter searches, and receive tweets from the people you follow. Best of all, you can reply and retweet to tweets directly from your inbox!
* Awesome Twitter notifications: Let's face it - the standard notifications that Twitter sends for new followers and direct messages are not very useful. tweetymail can replace these notifications with detailed emails that contain links to take action immediately.

Why use tweetymail?

Simply put - tweetymail is the most convenient and full-featured email service available for Twitter. For some users, tweetymail is their primary Twitter application. For others, it provides the fastest way to post and keep up with tweets while on the go. tweetymail works anywhere you have to access to email and is especially designed for email-capable mobile phones. Unlike other "email-to-twitter" and "twitter alert" services, tweetymail provides a comprehensive feature set and there are no secret email addresses to use. Whether you prefer to work out of your email inbox or not, using tweetymail will add an entirely new level of convenience to your Twitter experience.

How do I use tweetymail?

You start by telling tweetymail what email address you want to associate with your Twitter identity. You can then use that email address to send and receive information from Twitter. For example, you can tweet by sending an email to or request the latest tweets from your timeline by sending an email to tweetymail will know who you are based on the "from" address of your emails. You can also create alerts and automatically receive mentions and other tweets at your email address. It takes less than 30 seconds to setup.

*Bonus: The tweetymail User Guide


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