[Experience]: Protect Google Adsense Account

Sure many of you reading this article have heard about Google adsense account lockout on DP Forum - one the world's leading forum for bloggers and webmasters. There are many bloggers joined this forum.

Digitalpoint Forum is one of two major forums that I regularly visit for comments and heard the comments of friends related to the problems they encounter. This is a forum used to have profit-sharing policy for members. However, due to various reasons (mostly due to pressure from Google) they have not implemented this feature anymore. Furthermore, the DP has also been key Google account under three times and this is no exception.

Its not surprising that DP blocked by the discussion forum for webmasters always potential danger and risk. The members try to click things hackers are inevitable. However, because this is a big forum so it happens very often that happens, Google also protects.

Although the matter aunt said 15 / 7 when reading news on the DP blog knows Google is once again locked DP account and the employer has to calculate this page will use the other services operate a network or self-promotion their own reports. The reason that Google offers is detected by the DP adsense PUB ID displayed on multiple pages (gambling) violations of the Google Adsense policy.

In the last month, We Received 30 warnings for running AdSense ads on non-compliant websites (gambling related). These are sites that I do not own, have no affiliation with, nor do I know who the owner is. I have no idea why someone Would Want to use my AdSense publisher ID on their site, PS I guess that's beside the point really ...

If you take the time to find out the Google Adsense have features PHP sites to help you protect your account from the crook is using bad purposes. This feature allows you to limit your adsense ads are only displayed on the page that you allow. Others knowing PUB ID and put it on other sites despite the advertising, the Impressions and click and you are not safe.

The main feature "PHP sites" saved in this DP. First, the DP has set whitelist for the sites they own, even though vandals have carried where that was not affected. 2nd, the sites that Google alerts are sent is not in the whitelist list of DP. But Google has not locked up to this possibility. Yes, he beat back his stick!

After a week of review before the pressure of public life, Google has finally reopened to the DP but not forgotten by subtracting click and impression from other sites.

We learn from this incident?

According to her, then you're so involved adsense sites using PHP and lists all the pages that you own or pages you want to put adsense. It could be valuable evidence to ask Google to open the account in case studies for unknown reasons.

Knowing is very difficult and even harder for her site, however, we should prepare for bad credit situations.

This also demonstrates the fact that many features of Adsense system are certainly problems and many publishers have been unfairly from the feature "silly" this.

Eblogviet.com ( Translated by Google )


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