Create A Coupon Code Site With WordPress by DRP Coupon Plugin

When we talk about Coupon sites, we may remember some paid cripts like CouponPress or AppThemes. You have to pay from $79 to $99 to get them. You can install it on unlimited domains as long as you own.
But, have a problem for beginner who starts up a new project from affiliate marketing is cost of domain, hosting, themes, etc. Now, you can save money with DRPCoupon plugin which allows you to add coupons that expire to your posts and pages.

You can set your coupons to expire at the end of a certain date and they will disappear from your post or page. Add a regular link or an affiliate link from which the coupon will go to when clicked. A person cannot copy the code unless they click on the link. Once clicked it will copy the coupon code to the clipboard ready for easy pasting.

What Does it Do?

* It let’s you add a coupon/s to your posts and pages
* You can give it a title, start date, expiry date, coupon code and add the link or affiliate link
* You can exclude any one or all three of the title, date and description and just have coupon code displayed if you prefer
* The only way a person can copy the coupon is to physically write it down ( they cant highlight and copy )
* As soon as they click it, it copies the coupon to their clipboard for simple pasting
* You can set an expiry date and it will disappear from the post or page automatically or you can have it remain after expiry and display a custom message to visitors
* You can insert it into posts and pages very easy now in 2.0 with a button ( no more pasting in code ) its just a simple click, select coupon and hit add

How Do I Create a Coupon and Add it To A Post or Page?

Full details on using it, are found within the plugin after you install and then go under ” Manage Coupons”.
After you have create a coupon you can add it one of two ways. You can insert into your post or pages using a shortcode or insert the line of code straight into your php through your editor.

What Does It Look Like After it’s Added?

Below you can see one that I have added.


You can visit to download at


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