Merry Christmas 2011: Daily Promotions From Woothemes

Woothemes is launching an exciting new promotional campaign today: 12 Days of Christmas.

Starting today and running until Christmas Day on 25 December, They'll be running daily promotions / deals with extensive discounts on some of their best themes. Each promotion or deal will only be available for 24 hours, so you'll have to move fast. I will update it till the last day. Don’t miss the great discount.

* Day 1 (13 December): Grab a Standard or Developer Package for our flagship theme, Canvas, with a 35% discount.
Use coupon code: 12DAYSCANVAS.

* Day 2 (14 December): Buy a Standard or Developer Package for any of our Business Themes and get a whopping 40% discount.
Use the coupon code: 12DAYSBIZ.

* Day 3 (15 December): Purchase a Standard or Developer Package of our recently released & popular, Currents, and receive an additional 2 bonus themes (i.e. you’ll get 4 bonus themes in total on a Standard Package & 5 bonus themes on a Developer Package).
Use coupon code: 12DAYSCURRENTS.

* Day 4 (16 December): Today is all about the WooCommerce Xmas Bundle: get $270 worth of WooCommerce goods for only $150. That’s a 45% discount! Go here to grab this deal now! (Note: No coupon needed. This deal is valid until Saturday, 24 December.)

* Day 5 (17 December): Purchase a Developer Package for any of our themes and receive a $40 discount.
Use coupon code: 12DAYSDEVPACK.

* Day 6 (18 December): Buy any of our awesome App Themes and get a spiffy 50% discount.
Use coupon code: 12DAYSAPP.

* Day 7 (19December): Today is all about upgrading to premium! If you sign up for our most flexible option – a Standard or Developer Club Subscription – today, we’ll give you the first 3 months for free.
Use coupon code: 12DAYSCLUB.

* Day 8 (20 December): Throughout 2011, Simplicity has been our best-selling business theme and second best selling theme overall (after Canvas). Purchase a Standard or Developer Package of Simplicity today and get 30% off, along with an additional, free bonus theme.
Use coupon code: 12DAYSSIMPLE.

* Day 9 (21 December): The WooNinja Plush Toy is a Limited Edition issue and they only have 100 available. Purchase one today for $20 (normal price would’ve been $30 if it wasn’t Christmas) and sleep well, knowing you have really Woo’d your Christmas.

* Day 10 (22 December): Today is all about WooCommerce: Purchase any WooCommerce theme (Standard or Developer Package) or WooCommerce extension and get 35% discount. Use coupon code: 12DAYSWC. (Alternatively cash in on our WooCommerce Xmas Bundle for loads more goodies.)

* Day 11 (23 December): Blogging is still cool. Purchase any of our Blog themes today (Standard or Developer Package) and you’ll get a cool 45% off your purchase price. You can also redeem your bonus theme credits for any other theme in another category.
Use coupon code: 12DAYSBLOG. * Day 12 (24 December): We could not end this campaign without a bang. For today only – and this is to make your last minute shopping experience even better – purchase anything on for a 40% discount. Use coupon code: 12DAYS12.


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