Security For Your Google Account Without Entering Password

After the introduction of the Step 2 Verification, Google has quietly developed a more secure login: The login runs automatically on your mobile without entering a password because nowhere to fill username and password. It's the best way to protect yourself from Keylogger programs.

Follow these steps to log in

Step 1: Go to on your desktop browser. You can see only bar code.

Step 2: Scan the QR Code with your mobile phone. I get used to using Android phone with Goggles app.

*Required: you have to be logged into Google account on your phone browser.

Step 3: Open the address, it will be redirected to new page with the warning:

STOP! Only proceed if you arrived at this page by scanning a login barcode at Otherwise, do not proceed!

Press Star with Gmail to confirm the warning to login your Gmail account. After a few seconds you will be automatically redirected to your Inbox on the PC browser without entering your password.

This way is especially useful for when you use public computers where you want to login to your Google account. And then of course do not forget to logout your account again and delete the browswer cookies.

Go to Google Sesame Login Page.

Bonus: How to Keep your account secure. Learn more.


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