Skype 2.25 and Qik Fliks Come to Windows Phone

Skype 2.25 and Qik Fliks Come to Windows Phone

Today we’re releasing 2.25 which brings a smarter chat experience to Skype for Windows Phone, including big emoticons so you can now be even more expressive while you chat, and new features to help you manage your messages.

Emoticons – bigger is better

We know you love our emoticons so now when you reply with just an emoticon, it appears nice and big. That’ll certainly help you make a point!

Delete Message and Clear Conversation

You’ve been telling us you’d like to delete individual chat messages or clear a whole chat conversations, so now in 2.25 you can; but remember the messages will still show on other platforms.

Improved Chat Load Times

Now when you receive a notification and tap it to open the app, the message will load more quickly.

Group Chat Improvements

You can now see all avatars for groups, and if they’re changed on other platforms they’ll update in the app too, so you always have the latest showing. If you often use group chat, you can now add groups to your favourites list, so you can get into your conversations quickly.

Skype 2.25 for Windows Phone highlights our continued investment in building for Microsoft platforms. And that investment doesn’t stop at Skype – users of Skype Qik on Windows Phone may have noticed they are now able to send Qik Fliks, Qik’s pre-recorded messages, with the latest Skype Qik update.

Keep sharing your feedback and ideas for Skype for Windows Phone here, and to get the latest news and tips, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or join us on the Skype Community.

Get the updated Skype for Windows Phone version now from the Windows Phone Store.

Get the updates Skype Qik for Windows Phone version from the Windows Phone Store.


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